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Saturday, June 20, 2009

art tutoring or selling a service

In an era in which Donald Trump has a University for making millionaires, why not weekend workshops to turn you into an artist?
The business model of "if I can do it you can do it" reached the world of old trades like fine arts, that require solid study and years of practice,and translates now into instant art tutoring online business in which after tree weeks of paid classes you are ready to produce in acrylic, watercolor, graphite works that you sign as a trained artist who can even boast a diploma of merit from your online teacher.
Here is one example of such websites, mostly in the English speaking communities around ...the web:Art Tutoring...10 tips for supporting your art career by teaching art

Please note the consumerist approach: "tips" on how to look more like a business person than a tutor.

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