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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fresh figs

Colored pencils on Bristol board smooth light yellow 5x8in. 4 hours.From real life.


  1. Lovely Pencil drawings and vibrant colours you have used. Some great textures!:)
    I'm an artist too and really enjoy using watercolour pencils. If you have a moment come and visit my blog. I am now following you so I can visit you and see what other lovely work you create.:)
    Best wishes. Jo May.

  2. Hi Elena,
    Thank you for the nice message. Lovely to meet you too!:)
    Also thanks for following and putting my site on your blog list. I will put you on mine soon I like to change my list around and have new bloggers on it so people can see you!
    See you again soon.

  3. You achieved amazing colors!! Amazing work!

  4. I agree the colours are great!
    Nice work.