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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

creativity forms revisited

This year, 2010, I had a very slow drive for creating new works in any medium.My trip to India was superb, I enjoyed every moment but coming back I spent very little time on new drawings.
I was talking in a forum of my past creations in doll making and decided to open a blog for my dolls.
Now I am consumed by the creativity bug in doll making, I have a few ideas but in a way I miss my drawing and sketching.I was so diligently putting all my efforts in drawing for the past two years that now it seems strange to me that I'm detaching from it and pursuing other interests.
My puzzle is this: am I a drifter or it's just creativity in another form of expression that visits me lately.

In the photo, a corner of my room with dolls. The marionettes in blue green are from Rajasthan, India.Watch my videos for puppet theatre In Udaipur here.


  1. Elena, I loved it when I did sew, but more and more it became painting for me as an Artist, but I do find I tend to stray and try all types of long as you enjoy it do it I say!!

  2. Thank you, dear friend. I can't resisit my inspiration in doll making these days ;)