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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pablo Picasso's Mother and Child 1922

Today I ventured into a book on Pablo Picasso with text by Hans L.C. Jaffe, Professor of Modern Art, University of Amsterdam, published by Doubleday,INc. New York in 1980.
There are 48 plates with commentaries, an introduction and biographical outline.
My interest was raised by this Maternity of 1922. Although the author refers to a mythical scene in this oil painting what I can see from the fist raised of the mother is the social message of the left in which the symbol of the fist is solidarity with the cause of the working classes.Here is my sketch in sepia, sanguine, grey conte stick on drawing pad 11x24in.

This copy was a struggle in rendering volumes and proportions the way Picasso did. Never achieving the play that Picasso work inspires, I learned that loose style, spontaneity and voluptous approach cannot be copied.

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