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Thursday, May 7, 2009

revisiting Picasso

Picasso is for me a neverending adventure into a world of so many facets, pristine like a magical tropical forest. You can never see enough of it, understand all the meanings and symbolism, sum it up to a series of patterns or a model. The artist took pleasure in his metamorphosis as powerful creator of a dynamic world of color and form.

Since my early encounter with Picasso's work I was fascinated by the effortless ease of his art, his fresh look at the world, voluptousness and at the same time voracious approach to mediums and subjects. You enter this universe and explore with him once again the world from so many perspectives his art offers.Here you have no ordinary painter. You have the artist in dialogues with the self, the masters, the world, and most of all the artistic subject.Everything else is absent from this scene. Client or critic of art, they do not exist for Picasso.

There are no inhibitions for the artist, only freedom and joy of color and form with which he experimented and created with one academic eye and the other, a child's eye.

His work cannot be labeled or expedited in a phrase,art trend, study.It escapes definition or any intuicion totalizadora how Damaso Alonso calls it.The relationship art-artist is in Picasso's case that of the bull and the torero.
The vigor of art- art as the beast and the courage, the elegance, the skill of the bull fighter.I would say that with every work or phase of his career Picasso had to confront himself and his talent with the god or monster of art symbolized by the bull.What is admirable here is the spectacle of this unique encounter.The drama, the tension between art and artist.

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