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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Silk Road cities

My first trip to China starts today, the itinerary is Beijing, Dunhuang(Mogao caves), Xian, Luoyang(Longmen caves), Shanghai. Some of the Silk Road cities are a thrill for a first vacation in China.
And because I will be away for three weeks I leave you with slideshows of Jordan 2008.

Below is a view of the treasury in Petra, the rock city of ancient Nabateans, that can be explored by foot, camel, horse or calesh.
For a video that downloads rather slow visit my page Petra video.


  1. Have an awesome trip, Elena! Bring back with you many pictures. I will be going to China soon too, hopefully, to adopt my daughter.

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  3. Hi Elena,
    Have a lovely slow boat to China and bring back some magical photos for us. I love this picture with the camels. Fantastic image!:)
    Best wishes.
    Jo May.