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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sanguine, sepia, chalk on bristol board 9x12in. 1 hour.

this is a sepia, sanguine, chalk, conte drawing on bristol board colored orange 9x12in. 1 hour.

Exploring different media is refreshing and challenging not to say that develops skills harmoniously and betters the artist in you. I just love working with sketch pencils and i think you can create good drawings not just sketches in sepia-sanguine for instance.
This duo has a lot of charm on colored paper and I presently use Bristol board colored pads and Canson Mi-teintes colored pads.I should say that Canson is better than Bristol, holds better the dust of sketching pencils.
The white or grey conte is a nice addition to sepia-sanguine and I am ready to continue exploring this medium in all its intricacies. I couldn't find literature though on this topic or artists for that matter who created significant works other than sketches.
An important element for me who I am used to work in sessions of 1-2 hours is the fact that sepia-sanguine is easy to work with and I can have a drawing ready in one hour.

No better reason than looking for subject with natural colors sepia-sanguine for nice effects and why not a portrait quite soon.

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