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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fruit platter

the final touch

and a new version.

after my photo of plums, apples and quince.Colored pencils on Bristol Board heavyweight smooth pink pad 6x9in. One hour and 30 minutes.


  1. Very nice painting! Love the reflections on the apple and the muted tones in the plums! What a creative blog you have! The music makes me want to linger and you also have video! Wow! I enjoyed my visit and will return soon!

  2. Hola Elena. Me agradó recibir tu mensaje en mi blog. Me gustan tus dibujos y pinturas, pero debo ser honesto, me gustan más tus retratos de animales. Seguiré visitando tu blog para seguir tus pasos y progresos en el arte.
    Tu amigo: Efraín Pérez León (Kain).