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Sunday, November 15, 2009

the fuzzy art style

Looking for new ways, a new technique, a new art style I came across this photo illusion obtained with Microsoft program, Picture it, called "Vegas". The illusion consists of fuzzy lines along contours, shapes, volumes of your objects in the drawing/picture.My first attempt was to imitate the digital effect in Crayola crayons after my drawing of Vermeer's Girl with the pearl earring.My only enhancement was the pearl earring. This is my fuzzy drawing from April 2009.

Today I just tried a still life with teapot, rosehips and lemons in the same style. This is also crayola crayons on canvaskin 9x12in.

What I like in this style is the fasteness of the drawing, the loose hand with which you apply the crayons, the guessing that is involved in receving this art.Also there is no limit to the fuzziness, you can be only suggestive or more conspicuous in your drawing.
I am planning to create at least about 10-15 drawings in this style in order to make an evaluation of its possibilities with other media.

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