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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back to oil pastels

Dissatisfied with my acylic painting I covered in in oil pastels.I don't kow if it's better now.


  1. Bellissimo, io po adoro le ciliegie!

  2. Elena, bucuria si surpriza au fost si de partea mea la citirea mesajului de la "fluture"!
    Imi place sa pictez, cind am timp, dar nu sint artista profesionista (desi as fi dorit).
    Sint arhitecta, mai bine zis am fost pina am emigrat in Canada :(
    Felicitari pentru toate blogurile! Imi place vasul cu cirese si celelalte lucrari, te voi vizita mai des! Rodica

  3. Thank you darling for a link, and I have just post the giveaway on my blog. Hope that my friends will come and left the coment. Loredana.